The Center for Advanced Mössbauer Spectroscopy engages in development of 1) advanced ex/in-situ/operando 57Fe/119Sn Mössbauer techniques and their applications to novel functional materials and deep space exploration, 2) highly stable and efficient catalysts towards energy and environmental researches, and 3) world-largest online scientific specific database as well as publication of reference and data journal for timely providing information & knowledge service to the worldwide Mössbauer community.


Research Area:


Mössbauer spectroscopy and nano-catalysis materials

Main Research Topics:


1. Development of advanced in-situ/operando Mössbauer spectroscopy and their applications in chemistry and catalysis

2. Study on the strong interaction between gold nanoparticles and supports

3. Development and Characterization of novel highly efficient electrolytic water catalytic materials and ion battery electrode materials

4. Development of novel nanocomposite catalytic materials and their applications in environment and energy

5. Development of novel nanocomposite reactive adsorption materials and their applications in environment and energy

6. Applications of Mössbauer spectroscopic technique in deep space exploration

7. Development and application of new Mössbauer spectroscopy database